What Sets Us Apart

As the public discourse in our state and nation becomes increasingly adversarial and information floods from screens and devices in every corner of our lives, TLG believes lawyers, lobbyists and others who operate in the public sphere must meet a higher standard and operate with the highest levels of integrity.

We take seriously our role in the democratic process and ensuring the constitutionally guaranteed rights of our clients to petition their government to protect and advance their interests in public decision making processes.  Accurate, factual, relevant information is a critical ingredient of informed policy decisions.

To preserve and advance public trust and confidence in our democratic institutions, TLG adheres to a code of ethics that obligates us to always act in the highest ethical and moral manner in our dealings, whether with friend or foe.

In addition, TLG abides by a comprehensive conflict of interest policy to ensure that your interests are always our number one priority.  We do not accept engagements which conflict with the interests or goals of another client or that prevent us from fully and effectively representing each of our clients to the best of our abilities.